Dorner offers a wide variety of Water & Wastewater Process products. Learn more about each manufacturer by clicking their logo. Product availability subject to territory exceptions. Contact us for assistance with your product questions.

Blacoh Industries

Pressure Regulation and Surge Vessels for Sewage and Raw Water


Closed Circuit Reverse Osmosis Systems

Ebara Pumps

Submersible, solids handling, and vertical multistage pump lines

ECS Environmental Solutions

Dry, Chemical and Biological Odor Control Systems


Fontaine Aquanox

Weir Gates, Channel Gates, Slide Gates, Stop Logs, Flap Gates

Hungerford & Terry

Custom Built Water Treatment Systems

Heron Innovators

Suspended Air Flotation

Hydro Gate

Slide or Flap Gates, Rectangular Butterfly Gates, Stop Logs, Wall Thimbles


Plate & Tube Settlers, Solids Removal

Real Tech

Water Quality Sensors, Meters & Analyzers

Sharc Energy

Wastewater Heat Recovery & Filtration

Syneco Systems

Odor Control Equipment, Dry Air Scrubbers, Manhole Inserts, Vent Filters

Vessco Chemical Feed Systems

Custom Engineered Chemical Feed Systems